Monday, April 9, 2018

Binary Sanity

Madness is being sane;

knowing there is no cure for sanity.

Sanity is nothing more than a common lie

forming this preconceived reality.

Reality is but a mass delusion;

a lucid dream that doesn’t exist.

Naught as a grand illusion

that we can’t truly resist.

A programmed chaotic algorithm

where ones and zeros collide.

We are a binary schism

all sanity put aside.

© Jerry Langdon 2018

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

It's All Exempt


Feed you my attention
All in good intention.
Failed attempt
It's all exempt.
Your fingers twitch.
Hit the switch.
Will off,
Kill off,
Annihilate me.
Set my pain free.
Wrong, right?
Why do I fight?
Failure is assured.
Take my word.
Feed you my affection.
Feel only rejection.
Failed attempt
It's all exempt.
Things have gone awry.
Scattered to the sky.
Will off,
Kill off,
Annihilate me.
Set my pain free.
Will I ever learn
Or just crash and burn?
Oh well
That's Hell.
Failure is assured.
Take my word.
© Jerry Langdon 2017

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Greedy Me


You drive me to fiery
I lose control
You make me hungry
Feed my soul

You give me so much
Enough to light the furnace
But when we touch
We just scratch the surface

So give me what I need
Come on just bleed
You can call it greed
But I have to feed

I scavage every bite
I can get of you
I salvage every second of night
I have tasted with you

Because of you, I'm living
You are what I'm about
I know you keep giving
But I feel you holding out

So give me what I need
Come on just bleed
You can call it greed
But I have to feed

We stoke the furnace
But we are just scratching the surface

So give me what I need
Come on just bleed

You are what I'm about
But I feel you holding out

You can call it greed
But I have to feed
© Jerry Langdon 2017

Friday, November 10, 2017

The Forgotten One

The Forgotten One

Put aside
A blank page
Left blank by your hand.
I'm the forgotten one.
The damage has been done.
Put in the sand
Awakened my rage.
Broke inside.
I'm the exiled son;
I'm the forgotten one.
When I thought I would crash
I started to climb out of the ash.
Did you ever hear thunder?
It was probably me going under.
Buried deep
A safe place
Left safe from your love.
I'm the forgotten one.
The damage has been done.
I took the shove
Shovel to the face.
Buried deep.
I'm the exiled son.
I'm the forgotten one.
Now I've made it out.
Now hear me shout.
© Jerry Langdon 2017

Monday, October 23, 2017

An Uncanny Visit On A Still October Night When The Moon Was Full And Bright



'Twas a dead still October night

On the eve of Samhain.

Which is most known as All Hallows eve.

A branch tapping my windowpane,

The tick of the old clock,

Almost in a soothing cadence

That lulled me almost into dream,

Were all that stirred the silence.

I had that cold feeling of eyes
Watching, staring, drilling 'neath my skin

From some unseen, unknown spectator.

Alone as I was; knowing it defied reason.

No draft stirred a single flame.

Windows and doors all closed tight.

Still I felt a need to shudder

On that Silent October night.

My thoughts drifted into dream.

I felt a nightmare slowly creeping,

Crawling up my back, o'er ribs and spine.

Realizing I was not at all sleeping.

I hastily sprang from my nest

To shake off the ghostly frost,

Which had made my body home.

Even by the fire not a bit of cold was lost.

Long I stood shivering, shuddering, wondering

'Til I felt the cold begin to flee.

My heart that had been racing, then relaxed

Unsure what had overcome me.

I could but laugh a madman's laugh.

My laugh was echoed much colder,

Resonating near and yet so distant.

I felt a hand 'pon my shoulder.

Bracing to emphasize the joke unspoken.

I looked but was nothing there,

Empty space waiting on a dream.

Naught as thin air.

"Whoever you might be

You may end your pesky charade.

Lift this abysmal shadow

Put end to your masquerade."

Certain my mind had journeyed

Into the cruel depths of madness.

I feared there would be no escape

From its frantic darkness.

Had my mind played tricks,

Or did I have an unseen visitor?

I was answered by its manifestation.

There she was; ghostly spectre.

Struck by fear and awe at once.

The last that I heard

As she disappeared; Her last ghostly words,

"I wish thee Happy Halloween."


© Jerry Langdon 2017

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Who Is Haunting Who?


I place space between my words.

Space for my black heart;

Where naught disturbs

But the ghosts tearing me apart.

I leave skeletal space;

'Tis a decrepit ribcage

That locks me to this place

To bleed 'pon this page.

My spectral hauntings.

Every last pain.

These shadowed tauntings

Whom I blame

For the darkness I be.

Hiding between Love and happiness;

Ever possessing me.

My true me I must confess.

'Tis a question unanswered.

Who is haunting who?

Somewhere betwixt each word.

Who is taunting who?

© Jerry Langdon all rights reserved 2017